New Sound, New Look… S.W.A.G. is Remastered!

By on January 22, 2014

S.W.A.G. debuted their new sound and look for 2014, TGSM caught up with them to learn more about what their fans can look forward to this year!
image-13cropTGSM: Describe the new sound and look for our readers, what makes this different from previous music you have created? How is this group “Remastered”?

SWAGlogoS.W.A.G.: The new sound has developed from a more mature ear. It’s very urban and it’s in the now. Before our music was driven by what management wanted and not necessarily what we wanted to do. Now that our new management has allowed us to be in the creative process, our music fits who we really are. In the beginning, we had the “Nerdy Swag” look which was very colorful and juvenile. Throughout the two years, we have evolved mentally and physically. We changed our style because we matured out of the “Nerdy Swag” look. The new look is a more mature look. It’s more sleek and it represents were we are now. We didn’t completely abandon the “Nerdy Swag” look. We still accessories with the glasses. Black and white is trendy but classy at the same time. That’s who we are now, trendy but classy. The group is “Remastered” because we have a new management team and some of the original members have chosen other paths. We are all on one page now and have taken ownership in our music as well as our look.

TGSM: Tell us about the experience in creating the new video “Say Yes”? What other singles can we look out for?

S.W.A.G.: Our fans, which we affectionately call #SWAGFORCE, suggested that we do a cover of “Say Yes” by B5. In the beginning, we didn’t plan for it to be a full video cover. It was just going to be a song in our set. AJ remixed the original song to put his own swag to it. The dancers added choreography and magic happened. It was too good just to be a song in a set. We decided to use it as the launch of the new S.W.A.G. because it encompassed the new vision. Management had the task of finding just the right location to showcase the video. A rustic warehouse was chosen because it was vacant and would not detract from the performance itself.

The actual shoot was an all day process. That day was the first time that we all saw what we were wearing. After we dressed, it was time for makeup. Most of the gents we’re having a hard time with being made up but they got through it. Then it was time for the photo shoot. We all took individual pictures as well as group shots. It was freezing in the warehouse because there was no HEAT! When we started the video shoot, we got warmer because we were dancing. We started with the whole group performing first. Then AJ and Icon sang by themselves. Once they finished, the dancers were on. They did it over and over and over again. Then it was Stackz’s turn. While he was recording his rap, the rest of us were snacking on popcorn, pretzels, chips, pop tarts and water. The dancers did their individual dancing next. After that was done we changed locations and did it all over again. By now it’s night and raining, but the show must go on. We finished the outside shoot and it was a wrap. To reward ourselves, we all went to the movies that night! In January, we are releasing three new singles, Song For You, You’re With Me and That One. By the end of this school year 2014, our EP should be released. We plan to have a big party and hopefully invite industry reps.

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TGSM: How long has this group been together?

S.W.A.G.: In December 2011, AJ, Cami and Travis were asked to perform at Trenton’s Citywide Christmas Party. They put a performance together and found out two days before the show that another participant was performing to the same song. They quickly changed the song and the choreography. At the show, they were told that they needed a name to be introduced by. At the end of the performance, AJ says, “swag” so that became the name. Auditions were held and S.W.A.G. started officially in January 2012.

On the set of the upcoming new video "The One."

On the set of the upcoming new video “The One.”

TGSM: What can your fans look forward to in February?

S.W.A.G.: On Valentines Day 2014, we will be releasing a video for our original song, “That One”. We are so proud of this work especially because it was written, produced and storyboarded by us!

TGSM: What are your plans for 2014, does SWAG have any upcoming shows to debut the new Remastered S.W.A.G?

S.W.A.G.: We will be working on our next video for another of our original songs to be released April/May 2014. What we would like to see happen is a trip to Atlanta to meet with Michael Mauldin for The Scream Tour. Also we’d like to meet with Yandy Smith of Lenox Records in NYC. We are in talks for a couple of projects that can’t be disclosed, but if they go through, TSGM will be the first to know!

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