Interview with X Factor’s top 10 groups finalist — Girls United!

By on December 11, 2013

Tween Girl Style Magazine’s Q&A with girl group Girls United!


Candi, Alex and Nichole of Girls United.

Tells us about your experience on X Factor and what that has done for your careers?
The experience was so exciting and it kept us on our toes from beginning to the end. It gave us the opportunity to gain thousands of social media followers and the experience to perform for millions.
Nichole: The X Factor experience was fun and challenging. We didn’t know what to expect, the response we have gotten on our twitter has been amazing!
Alex: As a group, we have not experienced anything like this. It definitely showed us a whole other side to the business and it made us want to work that much harder in achieving our goals. We have a lot of shows lined up and can’t wait to get out there! The X Factor experience was amazing!

Are you watching the show now? What have you learned from being on the show?
Candi: Yes, I watch the show now and follow all the awesome contestants on twitter for updates. I’ve learned that persistence pays off. We made top 10 groups! We are so honored to be able to say that.
Nichole: I am watching the show. I have learned that we are such a strong group and we can take on any obstacle.
Alex: I am currently watching the show. There is such great talent this season. It’s awesome seeing some of our friends still in the running!

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