Making A Difference: How Tweens Can Help Homeless Pets

By on January 25, 2013

By Morieka Johnson, Editor of

Think you are too young to help needy animals? Think again! As a seven-year-old volunteer with the Pajama Pup program, Jessica has opened her home to several shelter pets. Even if you aren’t able to take in a dog or cat, there are fun ways to paw it forward at any age.

Woman Rubbing Noses with PuppyJust do it: is an awesome organization that helps teens (and tweens) make a difference in their communities. Do Something also offers great ideas, such as baking dog biscuits for shelter pets, creating descriptive online profiles for adoptable animals or throwing a party and donating the proceeds to a shelter. Check out the site today. You may even find a Do Something club operating in your community.

Start a donation drive: Shelter pets need food, toys and supplies. You can help by collecting gently used collars, leashes, towels and pet toys. Leave donation boxes at your school or local pet-friendly businesses and spread the word.

Launch a pet food bank: Rescue organizations place pets in foster homes so they have a better chance of being adopted. In addition to supplies, these nonprofit organizations definitely could use a few bags of kibble or cat chow. Ask your teachers or principal about placing donation bins at the school, then share donations with a local rescue group or pet food bank. To find a worthy organization in your town, check out or visit

Visit a shelter — and spread the word: Take a field trip to your local shelter. It’s a great way to learn about animals and their needs. After the visit, tell friends and family members about the pets you saw. You may be able to help one find a forever home. That’s a great way to paw it forward for pets!

— Want to learn more about caring for dogs? Visit today!

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