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By on February 22, 2012

Tween Girl Style Magazine held “Share Your Talent” contest during our first year celebration in January! Emily was the WINNING video and along with prizes Emily won a feature interview with TGSM!

How did you get started in singing and what type of music you like to sing?
I started singing in school as part of the chorus.  I discovered that I had a passion for performing.  I began with a focus in musical theater because it provided a combination of acting, singing and dance.  Teamwork is key to a successful show and I really like that from a social standpoint.  The last two years I began focusing on Pop/Rock and have performed at amazing venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, The House of Blues and the famous Apollo Theater in NYC.  I like many genres of music but in particular I like to sing Pop, Rock and Broadway songs.  I don’t limit myself to genre, but love to perform songs that I like and can relate to.  I am writing my own music now, and working on polishing my songs to be published.  I’ll always do covers (music performed by other artists), as there is so many ways to write music that reaches out to us.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your family?
This is a hard one, because we have so much fun in everything we do.  It’s a two-way-tie for the top.  I love going into NYC and seeing a Broadway Show.  Times Square is a blast!!!  The second is going to visit my aunt and uncles pizza restaurant and help make pizza, especially for me!  They let me create anything I want from the pizza dough.  So fun, my pineapple-smiley-face pizza and peace-sign-pepperoni were crowd favorites.

Who is your favorite musical artist and what type of music do you like to listen to?
My favorite musical artists are currently Lady Gaga and Nikki Manaj and Ariana Grande. I love all types of music; each offers a unique approach to music.

What is your favorite extracurricular activity?
My favorite extracurricular activity is — really — okay –performing! Were you expecting something else? Performing requires a lot of training.  I take vocal, dance, and instrument lessons.  Then there is song writing, coaching sessions and specialized Master Classes where I get to work with stars in the industry (very cool).  Then all the rehearsals — no time for anything else except homework — sigh.

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Tell us about any awards or recognition that you have received or any thing you would like Tween Girl Style reader like to know about you?
I have received recognition for my performing capabilities by winning Best Vocalist (Debra Crosby Talent Qwest), the Spotlight Award (Hard Rock Cafe), and the Professionalism Award (Palace Theatre).  I was selected to be a Green Rocker, and I go to community events and schools performing and promoting environmental stewardship.  Go Green!

I am a huge animal rights advocate and do everything I can to help homeless animals.  I visit and socialize with the animals, and work with my school to have donation drives.  I recently adopted Charlie (Boo Boo) the hamster; he’s a cuddle bug.

I am a fashionista!  I love shopping at stores and finding really unusual items to pair up, and on sale.  I don’t want to dress like anyone else, or anyone else to dress like me.

My current focus is on my pop/rock path and Tween Girl Style Magazine readers are the first to know my stage name is Emmarie. Be on the lookout for my music and performing activities and hope that you will all join my performing arts journey!

Thank you to Tween Girl Style Magazine for hosting the contest and all those who voted for me.  I could not have won without all of your support!

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