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By on May 11, 2011
Snezna Kerekovic creator and founder of Bellaboo

You can never be too young to take care of your skin. Just ask Snezna Kerekovic, founder of Bellaboo, a skincare line for tweens and teens headquartered in Australia. The line features natural products for young girls that are focused on “nurturing the skin to a healthy and balanced state.” Bellaboo also developed a program aimed at helping young ladies cope with self-esteem and various growing pains. We had the pleasure of talking to Kerekovic about Bellaboo.

How did you get started creating beauty products for tweens and teens?

I worked for many years as a beauty editor on women’s magazine and then left that to start my own beauty PR agency. So, I have been a little beauty product obsessed for pretty much my entire career! When I had my own daughter I started to look at what was available in terms of skin care for young skin. I was surprised that the only option available was skin care based on pretty harsh chemicals and all about drying out pimples. So, that started me thinking, why wasn’t there a skin care line based on beautiful and gentle plants and flowers vs. these nasty chemicals? I started doing some research and that basically led me to creating a skin care line for tween/teens that was as natural as it could possibly be and based on nurturing the skin into a healthy and balanced state. It also had to have appeal to young girls, which is why our look is girly, fun, and fashion-forward.

Bellaboo beauty products.

How did you come up with the name “Bellaboo?”

My daughter’s name is Bella and her nickname is Bellaboo! As it was she who inspired me to create this skin care line, it was a natural that the name is in honour of her! She is pretty happy about having a skin care brand and website named after her!!!

What are your most popular beauty products?

I would have to say that our 3 Step Skin Care System of All That Clean Skin Facial Wash, Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator and Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew are just loved by girls. They tell us they love the fact that they have their “very own” skin care system to use that is so easy and yet so effective! They love the fact to that every product has a spa-feel to it because of the gorgeous natural scents. Our E Z Blitz Zit serum is another firm favorite because it literally will deal with pimples within 1-3 days, but without drying out the skin or creating some of the side effects that come with most other pimple creams. And then, in our masks, our Sweet Sin Chocolate Face Mask is loved! It smells and looks like chocolate!

Where can we buy your products? Are they available in U.S.?

The US is our biggest market! It is available at:,,, Sears Beauty Destination stores, Giant Eagle, Plum District stores

How is your product different from other products for young girls?

We are different on every level. Bellaboo is 99.5% natural ingredient based — making it the purest skin care for girls on the planet! It is created for teen girls by teen girls. From inception, my marketing team has, and continues to be, teen girls. They have 100% influenced the products, packaging, website and now our marketing. We currently have a team of girls in the US known as our Bellaboobabe ChatterChicks and they work with me to spread the brand awareness, write for the site and inspire me every day with their creative input on all aspects of Bellaboo as a brand. We meet monthly and go over concepts and ideas. We are truly in the headspace of our target market and that’s why Bellaboo is developing such a strong fan base – we get our girls and we give them what they tell us they want!

We love the efforts you are making with the “Make the Change” campaign, can tell us more about the program? How can a young girl be apart of  ‘Make the Change’?

Thank you! All the girls that I come into contact with via Bellaboo and our online magazine inspired ‘Make the Change’ program. I realized that girls today are facing extreme pressure on so many fronts that is making self-esteem a major issue. ‘Make the Change,’ is all about changing girls’ self esteem from low to high — one girl at a time. We produced a video to get that message out via the voices of young girls talking about all the stuff that is making them feel bad about themselves. We created an inspirational and educational program on our site where we give girls articles on things like body image, healthy eating, media, and also provide them with our Wall of Women. This is a space dedicated to featuring women who we think make positive and inspiring role models for young girls. Girls can go to the wall and read about each role model and how they achieved their career success and how they dealt with issues as a teen. We hope it can help inspire girls to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams. We are now creating a new program called Ravishingly Real, which is all about encouraging and showing girls that every one is beautiful and we need to celebrate our own unique beauty. You can check out more on our facebook fan page

What would you like our readers to know about you and your beauty line Bellaboo?

I want them to know that Bellaboo is for them 100%. We are there for them for their skin with products that are so good for them and so effective. We are there for them to create programs of change around issues that are important to them. We are there for them to help them be confident, young women who are totally rocking an attitude that says ‘I am me and that is beautiful!” I am passionate about these young women and having some part to play in helping them to navigate those tough formational years – from their dramas with their skin, their self esteem, their confidence, to their belief in themselves and achieving their dreams.

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