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By on June 19, 2015

Prom season is about over… but in the middle of so much glitz and glam that our big sisters and brothers have been sporting, there are some folk who are looking outside of themselves to do something fabulous for others.

According to Hello Giggles, on Saturday, Seattle Washington an 18-year-old high school student, Issac Chan, threw a prom for the Hope Place (a women’s shelter) in his hometown.  When asked why he did it, the teen said,  “I thought it would be kind of fitting for the time, because that’s when a lot of high school proms are going on and a lot of money is being spent on ourselves and our dates. I wanted to put together a special night for other people.”

We simply loveeeeeeee him!

Isaac Chan Prom

Here’s the “tea”. Isaac spent some time volunteering at Hop Place which was run by the Union Gospel Mission. Hope Place helps women get themselves back together after dealing with domestic violence, homelessness and/or drugs.

“I just really wanted to restore some sense of dignity,” Isaac told the Seattle Times. “To be able to come to this nice place, have someone ask you whether you want freshly cracked black pepper on a salad, maybe for the first time in several years — I think that’s just awesome.”

Chan raised over $2000 to produce this event using the crowd-funding website, Indiegogo. He called on his friends too. His high school’s Key Club and Hunger Project to create corsages. He also hit up the local culinary students to cater it. And no prom is complete without music… so he got his high school jazz band to provide the ambiance…. awwwwhhhhh

Isaac Chan Prom

The ladies were all dressed to the nines. Isaac got his girl friends to donate the dresses for the ladies and complete their make up, nails and hair. Isaac, you are super cool!

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